IMS (Infrastructure Management Services)

Envision has more decades of experience and has developed immense skill sets in several domains. Envision has done many crucial projects and some of them are listed below:

  1. Establishment of a large VSAT based network for Asia’s largest SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) project
  2. Operations & Maintenance of a large Communication Network of a SCADA Network that connects more than 1500 RTU’s
  3. Maintenance of 7200 VSAT’s used for Banking Operations
  4. Design & Implementation of a UHF based Communication system for SCADA applications
  5. Design & Implementation of Licensed & Unlicensed Wi–Fi based communications system for SCADA applications
  6. Design & Implementation of Microwave Communication system for an ISP at Tanzania
  7. Design & Implementation of Unlicensed Wi–Fi based connectivity to various clients for a leading ISP in India
  8. Operations & Maintenance of Master Control Centre of SCADA system that includes the building of data as well as Level 1 maintenance of SCADA Software
  9. Design, Build & Maintenance of multiple paths WAN connectivity for a large Software company
  10. Design, Build & Maintenance of license–free Microwave Network for a leading Road Infrastructure Building Company.
  11. Design, Build & Maintenance of license–free Microwave Network for a large warehouse for Video Surveillance application
  12. Design, Build & Maintenance of Optical Fiber Network for a large Industrial city for Video Surveillance application.

Please download the case studies to understand more about the projects or you can simply get in touch with Envision Sales Team.

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