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Power Distribution Automation is a mechanism where one can monitor several parameters of Electrical Distribution System by being in a single location and can take the corrective actions to achieve various objectives. It can effectively manage the Power Distribution with minimal transmission losses.

Advantages of Power Distribution Automation

  1. Reduction in Line loss
  2. Improves Power Quality
  3. Reduction in Energy cost
  4. Optimal usage of Energy
  5. Improve reliability & Compatibility

Power Distribution Automation consists of two main components

  1. Master Control Center or MCC
  2. Remote Terminal Units
  3. Connectivity between MCC & the Remotes through various communication technologies like VSAT, UHF, Fiber Optic Cable, usage of Data Network of incumbent telecom services providers etc.

We at Envision provides the below-mentioned services

  1. Design, Implementation and Maintenance Services for Communication Network
  2. Envision has immense skill sets in designing the Communication Network consisting of VSAT technology, UHF technology, Fiber Optical Network or to design a network using the incumbent telecom operators’ data network like leased lines, MPLS or mobile data network.
  3. Design, Implementation & Maintenance Services for Master Control Center
  4. Envision has wide expertise in Designing and Building the MCC’s which involves all network components like routers, switches, WAN, LAN, Network Security systems, Video Walls etc. Envision also helps in implementing the SCADA software and space database or back-up settings etc.
  5. A Control Centre is like a mini Data Centre on its own that consists of various IT hardware like Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Large Display Unit, SCADA Control Servers, Data Storage, Protocol Converters, Operator Work Stations, GPS, and Printers etc. Envision also extends to design, implementation & Maintenance Services.

Envision can be a single window for serving a wide range of support services that are required for operation and maintenance of Control Center and Field Equipments.

  1. Maintenance of WAN Communication Links like Leased Lines, MPLS, RF Links, UHF Data communication links, OFC
  2. Maintenance of Control Center for 24 x 7 Operation
    1. RTU Status monitoring
    2. Server Health Monitoring
    3. Backup
    4. Report Generation
  3. Control Centre Engineering Services
    1. Database modifications
    2. Trend Analysis and on-demand report generations.
  4. Maintenance of IT Hardware like Routers, Switches, Firewalls, LAN & WAN
  5. Logistics.

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