Microwave communication offers a very reliable & high bandwidth communication used for data and voice applications. The microwave consists of both licensed as well as unlicensed products. The unlicensed products are based on Wi-Fi technologies.

  1. Licensed Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Microwave Solutions
  2. Envision puts you first, delivering end–to–end solutions that are uniquely tailored to your specific project needs. Our solutions are based on years of experience and innovation. We work hand-in-hand with carrier–class products and deliver cost–effective, future–proof results for our customers.

    Achieve the next–generation, optimized results with Envision! We use state of art products as per customer needs and budget.

  3. Un-Licensed Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Microwave Solutions
  4. Organizations such as ISPs, carriers, medical facilities, and others that extend across multiple, geographically dispersed locations demand secure, scalable, and cost–effective interconnected networks. A wireless network solution is often the "best-fit" for these kinds of applications.

    1. Envision Ultra–Secure Wireless Solutions for Security and Surveillance In today’ security landscape, organizations of all types are struggling with how to deploy broadband wireless solutions capable of ensuring the ultimate in network and data security while enabling a variety of security and surveillance applications.
    2. Envision Wireless Video Surveillance: Public Safety made Simple, Seamless and Secure Envision understands what it takes to design and deploy wireless technology for outdoor public safety applications. We combine Broadband Wireless Systems with specialized software to create a powerful, versatile and reliable network optimized for video surveillance.

    Solution Highlights

    Envision provides complete end–to–end solutions focused on licensed band point–to–multipoint systems, providing advice and equipment recommendations to provide the most successful, interference–free network performance.

    Service Highlights

    Envision has huge experience & lots of success stories in wireless RF/Microwave/VHF/UHF communication system from Network Design to Implementation and Maintenance of the whole system.

    • Site survey, Engineering Services, RF Link Budgeting
    • Hardware Selection, Procurement & Supply
    • Erection of Tower / Mast / Pole mounts if necessary
    • Installation & Commissioning
    • Liaison with Govt Agencies for necessary Approvals
    • Integrating with End-customer Network
    • Post-Sales Support & Remote Management & Monitoring

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