Satellite Communication offers unsurpassed geographical coverage and extremely reliable communication media. Due to which its applications are numerous and is being used by many in their daily life in several forms.

Envision Satellite Data Network Solutions are comprised of a large array of products from SATCOM leaders, antenna manufacturers, satellite bandwidth service providers and our long years of experience in implementing solutions. Our solutions use open standards and best-of-the-breed products integration and this gives a cutting edge to our customer in terms of solution and competitive prices compared to others.

Applications Areas

  • Primary & Secondary distribution automation
  • SCADA applications for Power, Oil, Gas Utilities
  • ICCP Communication
  • Voice & Legacy Data
  • Kiosks
  • Point to point connectivity for data transfer

Solution Highlights

  • One-point contact for an end to end Satellite Data Communication Solution
  • SCADA for Power Distribution Automation
  • Voice & Data
  • Guaranteed & On-Demand Bandwidth Allocation for Remote VSAT’s
  • Centralized Management

Service Highlights

  • Site survey, Engineering Services
  • Hardware Selection, Procurement & Supply
  • Hub Station & VSAT’s Installation & Commissioning
  • Liaison with Govt Agencies for necessary Approvals
  • Satellite Bandwidth Provisioning
  • Integrating with End-customer Network
  • Post-Sales Support & Remote Management & Monitoring

We at Envision provides the below-mentioned services

  1. HUB/Earth Station I & C
  2. Remote Terminal I&C
  3. O & M Services
  4. Liaison Services for Government Approvals like DOT, NOCC, SACFA etc.
  1. HUB/Earth Station I & C
  2. The full list of our offered services for HUB/Earth Station I&C has been given below

    1. Earth Station Installation & Commissioning
    2. Large Antenna Site survey
    3. Hardware Selection, Procurement & Supply
      • Hub Station like 9 meters
      • Antenna Control Unit
      • HPA & LAN Installation
      • Up/Down Converter chain
      • Satellite Modem Chain
    4. NMS & Associated Hardware
    5. Liaison with government Agencies for necessary Approvals & licenses
      • Frequency Allocation
      • SACFA
      • NOCC Pattern Testing
      • Uplink Permission
      • Import License
      • Satellite Bandwidth Provisioning
    6. Integrating with End-customer Network.
    7. Operations & Maintenance Services

  3. Remote VSAT’s
    1. VSAT Terminal Installation, Peaking Antenna to maximum gain
    2. Configuring IDU Terminals to work with the Hub/far end equipment’s
    3. Polarization testing if required with the Satellite Company
    4. End to end communication Testing and Sign-off

  4. O&M Services
  5. Envision Operation and Maintenance activities list are given below. For more detailed information, please contact us.

    1. VSAT Earth Station/ HUB Maintenance
      • Carry out Daily, Weekly & Monthly predefined activities. Ex. NMS Backup, configuration files backup
      • 24 x 7 Monitoring of HUB Equipment’s
      • Carry out change control activities as and when required in the network
      • Remote diagnosing of VSAT Terminals and associated IT hardware like Routers, Switches, VoIP devices from Hub
      • Logistics/ Spares management
    2. VSAT Terminals
      • Periodic Preventive Maintenance of VSAT Terminals
      • Fine tuning the antenna to its maximum gain if required
      • Checking the health of associated networking equipment’s
  6. Government Approvals
  7. A VSAT data communication network on a broader level comprises of Earth station, VSAT Terminals, Transponder space segment & Hardware. The government of India has laid down several procedures and approvals which needs to be obtained for operating the network. Envision has expertise in providing consultancy to the end customer in terms of managing the project and getting approvals as and when required. Some of the approvals which are required are

    • WPC
    • SACFA
    • MVPT
    • Frequency Approval
    • Operating License

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